In the shadows of shiny skyscrapers and derelict residential blocks,
ancient stories and urban legends assume physical form, choosing
mortal beings as their Gateways to this world. But the Mist, a mystical
veil known only to a select few, prevents the unwitting denizens of the
City from ever acknowledging the miracles they witness daily, hiding
their true nature from one another. Distracted by their everyday hopes
and fears, the people on the streets remain oblivious to the clash of
mythical forces that drive and control the very life of the City.
You were an ordinary person—until the seed of the legendary awoke
within you. Now you seek answers to questions about your powers,
but the truth always seems to elude you. Yet at the same time, you still
want what every human being wants: love, money, power, peace of
mind. Together with your ragtag crew of gifted individuals, you work
to reveal the powers operating in the dark smoky alleys of the City,
just as those very powers seek you out for what you are. You will hit
the streets in search of the strange cases, loose ends, and unsolved
mysteries that will lead you to the truth, inevitably clashing with
other legends in mortal form, agents of the powers beyond the Mist.
Be warned—the truth is as dangerous as the forces that hide it. Only
when you find yourself sacrificing that which is dearest to you will you
truly learn the answer to the ultimate question: ‘who am I?’ . But will
it be worth it?




City of Mist

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